Funeral Pharaoh
Letra de Funeral Pharaoh
isolating you from what has been pierced inside of your mind
I�ll state the facts,
I�ll say what I see
anything based on fear is fanciful lie

you have forgotten what you are
it�s all erased from your mind
so take deep look inside your soul
and remember a funeral full of agony and tears
fearing the unknown
embracing hopeless beliefs,
but I shall await the death
the detachment from this life
embracing the light and the dark
my soul will be set free

we die every moment we pass by
and then we�re born again
emotions die
thoughts die
everything die

so why are you afraid?
of something that�s part of your existences
I walk the funeral
and I see people afraid from their destiny
no acceptance of immortality
shocked from within

we are the infinite soul living in an infinite existence

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