Unfurling A Darkened Gospel
Letra de Unfurling A Darkened Gospel
Propel this solitary man in front of us with his corrupted global agenda muttering into his ears
Corporate money stuffed into his pockets to spread his darkened gospel
In the past the crowned once held the covenant to shape and develop a better world
Their influence and supremacy built by generating optimistic and confident perception offerings to their herds of sheep
Time repeats itself and outspoken pledges continue to not succeed, the people have renounced trust in ideologies
Safety and protection is the contemporary vow for the role that will reinstall masterdom and control
To rescue us from uncertainty and peril that we are visionless to see or interpret
A threat that evidently needs to be fought in a manufactured, waged war
A vile misconception that has unfurled unquestioned while being exaggerated and disfigured

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